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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Christian Science related to Scientology?

Not in any way.

Do you go to doctors?

It’s up to each individual, but the norm is reliance on treatment by prayer in this Christian system of healing.

Can you mix it with drugs?

It’s based on the total power of Spirit, God. A system based on Spirit as the only power can’t usually be mixed with other systems, such as drugs, that are based on matter as a power.

How effective is the system?

It has been remarkably effective for generations. There have been over 80,000 healings witnessed and published by The Christian Science Journal and Sentinel.

What would you do if you broke your leg?

Some may have a doctor set the bone, but many others have seen bones set and mended by prayer alone.

Is this faith healing?

Not in the popular view of faith healing, nor is it positive thinking, nor self-hypnosis. Of course, Bible-based healing naturally calls for a measure of faith. And yet a science also requires understanding and proof.